LeTip of Denville meeting March 1, 2012

We had our regular Thursday morning meeting at the Hibernia Diner yesterday.

In attendance:
Greg Angelillo – Chapter President
Joe Troy – Secretary
Bimal Gupta – Treasurer
Robin Wolfe – Tip Mistress
John Tully
Dan Gehrig
Rudy Riveron
Michelle Clevenger
Joe Nugent
Martha Paravati
Frank Berman
Justin Marcus Smith

Janet Navarro – Vice-President
Marianne Jones – Membership Chair
Jeff Jones
Andy Krauser
Dan Linkletter
Joe Bellistri

We started the meeting with the LeTip creed in stereo, recited by both Dan Gehrig and Bimal Gupta.

Dan was also the focus of a great tip story. Dan had been referred to a job by Rudy. It was a big job ($100,000+) and Dan won the job based almost solely on Rudy’s recommendation. Now that’s a tip!

Superman ShieldToday’s speaker was our chapter president, Greg Angelillo, who started his talk with a somewhat inappropriate joke about Superman and Wonder Woman!

Greg is a Rutgers graduate with his degree in Journalism and History. After his football career was cut short he turned his attention to sports journalism and worked for 5 years after graduation with a couple of small TV stations. He felt an affinity towards the financial services and insurance industry – his Dad had passed away young but had life insurance that allowed his kids to attend college, and joined MetLife as a general agent for the State of New Jersey.

Greg Angelillo addressing group

Greg Angelillo addressing group

Greg recently switched to Prudential and he highlighted a couple of difference, unique-to-Prudential products:

WorkLife 65 allows someone to buy term life insurance all the way until age 65 rather than just a 10, 20 or 30 year term. The insurance also includes the option for both an unemployment and disability waiver.

Return of premium insurance, gives people the option of getting back their premium in the situation where they don’t die before the term expires. With only 2% of life insurance policies ever paying out this represents an attractive alternative for many people.

We ended the meeting with commercials – where possible the chapter members did their “visitation” commercials, for instance Robin “was” Bimal and Bimal “was” Robin. Its amazing how much you learn about the other members from the visitation commercials!

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