LeTip of Denville meeting March 15, 2012

We had our regular Thursday morning meeting at the Hibernia Diner.

In attendance:
Greg Angelillo – Chapter President
Dan Gehrig – Vice-President
Joe Troy – Secretary
Bimal Gupta – Treasurer
Michelle Clevenger – Membership Chair
Marianne Jones
Jeff Jones
John Tully
Rudy Riveron
Joe Nugent
Martha Paravati
Justin Marcus Smith
Dan Linkletter
Joe Bellistri
Janet Navarro
Andy Krauser

Robin Wolfe – Tip Mistress
Frank Berman

Lee DeCarolis – Registered Architect

We had a very good turnout for our meeting including a guest of Dan Gehrig’s, Lee DeCarolis a local registered architect. We hope that Lee will consider joining the chapter.

Greg confirmed that there will be some changes on the chapter board – Michelle will be taking over Membership duties from Marianne and Dan Gehrig will be taking over the VP position from Janet.

Our speaker for today was Jeff Jones of AmeriSource Realty. Jeff, amongst other talents, is an avid golfer and has already played a couple of times this year including once with Marianne. Prospective opponents should however be aware that Jeff cheats at golf whenever possible!

Jeff Jones - AmeriSource Realty

Jeff Jones - AmeriSource Realty addressing the group

Jeff gave an overview of his career particularly in light of the number of new members that have joined the group since the last time he spoke.

Jeff has been in the commercial real estate world for 28 years although he actually started his working life as a teacher and was in fact the 1st male kindergarten teacher in the State of NJ. He worked as a teacher for 5 years in Irvington NJ and loved it. (He loves teaching even now and teaches real estate classes for the State of NJ).

LeTip of Denville chapter members

LeTip of Denville chapter members listening to Jeff Jones

As a summer job he started work for Marianne’s dad who owned a real estate company in Parsippany and discovered that a) he liked it and b) was good at it and ended up working for the Vuolo Agency for 18 years, all the time as a commissioned salesman. After 18 years he went to work for another couple of companies selling real estate and managing real estate portfolios before at the age of 46 decided to start his own business.

At that point he started networking for himself and embraced the jump from teacher to entrepreneur.

AmeriSource is probably one of the smallest commercial real estate companies in NJ but has been very successful even in a down market. Although his main expertise is in office space his business has expanded to include retail and warehouse space – being flexible and marketing himself has enabled him to stay ahead of his competition. Jeff maintains that working harder and by using the resources available to him from the LeTip group has fueled his success.

Jeff finished his talk with some questions from the group including his thoughts on the saturated real estate market and the possibility that a “shadow” inventory of empty space will hit the market in the next 6 months.

The meeting wrapped up with our commercials and the passing of the tip jar.

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