LeTip of Denville meeting January 28, 2106

We had our regular Thursday morning meeting at St. Francis Residential Community in Denville

In attendance:
Rudy Riveron (ReMax Realty) – Chapter President
Joe Troy (Ameriprise) – Tip Master
Russell Guagenti (Guagenti & Associates)– Treasurer
John Tully (dsm-llc)
Bill Shuler (Henry O’Baker)
Daren Clancy (Fit2Go)
Marianne Jones (Millenium)
Dan Linkletter (Tri-State Computer Solutions)
Steve Severud (Law office of Stephen N Severud)
Mike McCurdy (Shawnee Construction)
Denise Nicudemis (Liberty Mutual)
Jeff Jones (AmeriSource)
Glen Guzzi (Elite Title)
Scott Goldstein (Law office of Scott Goldstein) – Membership Chair

Kevin Dulio (Native Fields Landscaping) – Vice-President
Ivette Alvarez (Einhorn Harris)
Gerson Contreras (Union County Contractors)

Rudy opened the meeting at 7:16am.

Our speaker for the day was Daren Clancy of Fit2Go.

Daren addressing the group
Daren addressing the group

Daren talked about how “time” is the biggest issue he faces with people and their exercise program – normally the lack of time they have. To make best use of your time he suggested staying away from single joint exercises (unless there was a special requirement like rehab or body building) and moving towards multi-joint exercises where more than one muscle group is worked at one time. Single and multi joint exercises can also be combined into compound exercises. he gave us a couple of examples of multi and compound exercises.

Daren also spoke about exercise and diet – “exercise can’t defeat a bad diet”. He emphasized the importance of both.

Daren’s talk ended with questions from the audience.

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