LeTip of Denville meeting November 19, 2015

We had our regular Thursday morning meeting at St. Francis Residential Community in Denville

In attendance:
Rudy Riveron (ReMax Realty) – Chapter President
Kevin Dulio (Native Fields Landscaping) – Vice-President
Russell Guagenti (Guagenti & Associates)– Treasurer
Scott Goldstein (Law office of Scott Goldstein) – Membership Chair
Joe Troy  (Ameriprise) – Tip Master
John Tully (dsm-llc)
Denise Nicudemis (Liberty Mutual)
Daren Clancy (Fit 2 Go)
Steve Severud (Law office of Stephen N Severud)
Fred Ayers (Ayers Chevrolet)
Marianne Jones (Millenium)
Dan Linkletter (Tri-State Computer Solutions)
Jeff Jones (AmeriSource)
Joe Nugent (Prudential)
Bill Shuler (Henry O’Baker)
Mike McCurdy (Shawnee Construction)
Ivette Alvarez (Einhorn Harris)

Jay Olsen (Olsen Electric)
Gerson Contreras (Union County Contractors)
Glen Guzzi (Elite Title)

Rudy opened the meeting at 7:16am .

Our speaker for the day was Dan Linkletter of Tri-State Computer Solutions.

Dan Linkletter addressing LeTip of Denville

Dan talked about the important topic of data loss and how his company can assist businesses when faced with data loss issues:

Corruption of data
Corruption of data can come about because of attacks from so-called Ransomeware where a virus encrypts a computers hard drive. The biggest problem with these viruses is that they also encrypt any attached servers so “backups” on that server wouldn’t be accessible.
Solution: Tri-State Computer Solutions offer remote backup packages where backups are stored totally in the cloud and are therefore unaffected by viruses on any individual computer. The packages also include regular testing and checking of the backups to ensure they restore correctly.

These are when outside forces (hackers) gains access to files by breaching firewalls. The main issue here is that most firewalls are not updated regularly even in companies who are supposed to be HIPAA and PCI compliant.
Solution: Tri-State Computer Solutions offer monitoring and updating programs to ensure that firewalls are keep intact and functioning correctly.

Physical loss
This typically occurs when a laptop is lost or stolen.
Solution: Tri-State Computer Solutions offer inexpensive encryption protection for laptops so that if they do get lost or stolen outside agents can not access the information.

Chapter members ask questions at conclusion of Dan's talk
Chapter members ask questions at conclusion of Dan’s talk

Dan’s talk finished with questions and answers from the chapter.

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